Comms Co-op Aotearoa

Sustainability storytelling

Too many content ideas but not enough time to produce them? Ever found a really good communications freelancer, but missed out on using them because they were too busy?


We help your organisation produce great content when you don’t have the time.

We provide access to a network of communications professionals, at reasonable rates.

What you get

  • A long-term relationship with a main contact who will learn your organisations’ needs and voice, and look after the workflow.
  • In-depth sustainability storytelling knowledge.
  • Peace of mind that the work will get done no matter when you need it.
  • Expertise in strategic communications, reputation management, media, and content production.


We provide backup for each other to ensure continuity through school holidays and peak periods, and the ability to respond quickly to media opportunities.

We also discuss work and learn from each other to continuously improve our service.

Access to multiple communications people broadens the range of skills as well as stakeholder and media relationships we can offer you.

What’s in a name?
We acknowledge Kate and the team at the Communications Cooperative for their kind agreement to share the concept of a communications cooperative with us. They have experience in technical infrastructure and change projects, and we recommend you contact them for that kind of work. Kate is based in Auckland and Lisa in Wellington.