The hairy-legged movie watcher

Sounds like Eight-Legged Freaks, right? Don’t worry, no spiders here. Over New Year’s I was hanging out with my three favourite movie buddies, and we were comparing notes on how many movies we had watched. I must be a rank amateur because I couldn’t count them up. So I’ve just started using Letterboxd to log the movies I watch, and here are the last four movies I added:

  • The Founder
  • Jeff, Who Lives At Home
  • Zulu
  • The Fast and The Furious

Now while there is a certain logic to watching Zulu – the start of my project to watch all the significant Michael Caine movies, after reading his autobiography – and the Fast and the Furious appealing to my love of action movies, it seems pretty clear that this movie-watching year is starting out as a bit of a sausage-fest, in the words of the most feminist man I know.

And then there’s the movie list we keep on the write-on wall, where we jot down movies as they come up in conversation.


How did the movies I watch end up being so male-dominated? Ok duh, Hollywood. And more importantly, short of watching Aliens over and over again (Ripley! Vasquez!) how can I get my action fix with female stars?

So we asked the Internet for female action movies, and here’s what we came up with – in three categories: Why have I never watched this before?; Oh that’s right – have watched but would see again; and You gotta be joking.

Why have I never watched this before?

  • Foxy Brown
  • Jackie Brown
  • Yes, Madam and Royal Warriors, both early roles for Michelle Yeoh
  • Catwoman – probably silly fun
  • Aeon Flux
  • Domino?
  • Chocolate
  • Cherry 2000
  • Hanna
  • The Hunger Games – now that I’ve read the books
  • Atomic Blonde
  • And I can’t wait for Captain Marvel. Now, about that Black Widow movie…

Oh yeah there is hope

  • La Femme Nikita
  • Haywire – The first time I saw this, I watched it twice in one weekend
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer
  • The Long Kiss Goodnight
  • Lucy
  • The Heat
  • Spy – funny, but great action too.
  • The first Underworld
  • Elektra – it gets points off for going all million tentacles at the end, but still Jennifer Garner kicks ass

Never in a million years

  • Tomb Raider or Charlie’s Angels – I was unfortunate enough to catch them the first time around. Although the CA reboot may hold some promise, directed by Elizabeth Banks.
  • Kill Bill – too violent!
  • Resident Evil – IMHO, Prince of Persia is the only decent film based on a video game
  • Sucker Punch – school uniforms? Not my demographic.

Any films I’ve missed? And do join me on Letterboxd – Username is CatJeffcoat

And the hairy legs? After two weeks on holiday, it’s back to work tomorrow. 30-odd years of feminine grooming conditioning, and 5 of those years living in Paris is hard to shake, especially when you work in communications, where appearances perhaps count slightly more. But I realised this morning in the shower, I really can’t be bothered shaving my legs any more. Life’s too short. When was the last time I looked at another woman’s legs and judged her? There are so many other things I could be doing with my time, including more writing.

So this year is going to contain more women kicking ass, me included. For my next move – spend less time baking.

Published by Catherine Jeffcoat

Wellington-based communications manager.